Students range from ages 5 to 50+. First Timers, as well as those who have ridden before are welcome to join the Mixon training program, which begins with a 12 lesson committment (other options available as well). 

From day one the student learns to saddle, bridle and lead their horse into the large covered arena. They are taught to mount correctly (steps are provided for the vertically challenged) and how to move their horse in the four basic directions - forward, backward, left and right.

As the lesson progresses the rider begins to sit more upright in the saddle and learns to maneuver without their hand on the saddle horn. They perform the basic drills of circles and straight lines, and before the end of the first lesson have walked, trotted and usually even loped. At the end of the lesson, the student unsaddles their horse, waters him and puts him back into his stall.

At the end of their initial 12 lessons, our shy, nervous and scared beginner has blossomed into a confident, responsible rider, who is well on their way to possessing all the skills needed to win in the show ring.

YOUTH - As the young students progress through their initial 12 lessons, parents are amazed - and delighted - at the changes in their offspring.

AMATUERS(ADULTS) - Adult students gain a new perspective on their ability to learn a new skill.

Russ Mixon lesson horses are well trained, show quality horses who can respond to the slightest cue,  and have taught many students their basic skills.

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Meagan and Annie went to the 2012 Regionals 4-H Horse show in Perry, GA and placed 6th out of over 100 Trail class entries.  
Jolan and Handsome then went on to the 2014 Regionals 4-H Horse show in Raleigh, NC and placed 16th out of 88 Trail class entries.  
Jolan and Handsome went to the 2014 LA State Horse show in Lake Charles and placed 1st out of over 40 Trail class entries.  
Shelby on Macy
Chase Chandler on ShaLopes
(age 4 1/2)
Jolan Taylor 
on Sophie
Tara Mixon
on Reno
KK Guttzeit
on Harley
2015 Southern 4H Regionals held in Perry, GA
Tara Mixon 
on Reno
KK Guttzeit 
on Harley
Reagan Bevil
on Black
Tara and Reno getting ready for their Showmanship class at the 2016 4-H Regionals in Perry, Ga.

Tara and Reno Placed 7th out of 88 in the Trail Class in Perry, GA.